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How to clean and care for garden benches

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How to clean and care for garden benches


How to clean and care for garden benchesThis article offer excellent insight on how to clean and care for garden benches. Many people have asked us how to clean and care for garden benches, and that is why we are offering these excellent suggestions on how you can do it yourself.

The steps for how to clean garden benches clearly depends greatly on which materials your bench is made out of. There is, though, one thing that remains the same – no matter what your garden bench is made out of, it is important that you do clean and care for it. It is best to clean it monthly, and to store it during the winter months. The better you keep care of your garden furniture, the longer it will last.

Most garden benches can be cleaned with some simple soap and water. You may want to rent/borrow/buy a power washer, as well (only use this on a low setting). A power washer lets you clean with ease and without having to do so much scrubbing!

When it comes to metal garden benches, like ones made out of aluminum, steel, or wrought iron, you really only need some mild soap and water to clean them. Most metal benches today are made to be rust resistant. For extra care on your metal frame, use a navel jelly or a pasted wax.

If you have a cushion on your garden bench, be sure to remove it before cleaning. Even your cushions can be cleaned with a mild soap and water. Just spot clean the dirty areas. Rinse with water. Before storing, though, make sure that your cushion is completely dry. If you do end up with mildew on your cushions, you can take care of it by mixing a solution of 2 cups detergent, one cup bleach, and one gallon of water. Spray the solution over the entire cushion and allow it to soak for ½ hour. Then wipe the surface clean with a rag. Rinse with water and then let it dry completely.

As you can tell, the steps in how to clean and care for garden benches mostly include a little soap and some water. Be sure to stain and seal your wooden furniture, as well.




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