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Redwood Care and Maintenance

Good news - Redwood furniture will last decades even if you do no maintenance whatsoever!  It's true. Redwood is a fantastic wood that crushes many of the other wood options when it comes to longevity.  Our manufacturer gives a 30 year warranty on the old growth option.  That sounds crazy but they do it only because the wood really lasts "forever".  As in their company name, we sell furniture manufactured by Forever Redwood.  

Yes redwood is in the high end of the price range, but hey these trees are beautiful and they take hundreds of years to mature. Rightly so the supply is limited because these amazing trees are protected and the harvesting of redwood for commercial use is limited.  So getting down to it ..  there are a few things you can do a few things to protect your investment.  

First of all, our furniture comes standard with a premium sealant that should protect the color from fading for around 3 years depending on your climate.  It is not a varnish type finish that actually covers the wood under it.  With Sikkens you can still feel the wood, it does not feel "covered up" with some chemical clear coat.  It is as natural looking and feeling of a finish that you can get.  It is applied in 3 coats, once a day for 3 days to give it the best protection possible.

If your redwood has faded in color due to weathering outdoors you can restore the color by sanding it down. The oxized wood is only surface deep usually no more than 1/64 of an inch, so a good sand job is all that is needed.  Once you have sanded your furniture down, you will want to apply a new coat of sealant.  Sikkens has a variety of premium sealants to choose from.  The fresh coat of sealant will also add some oils back into the wood and return it to looking like new.

This is just a quick summary, for more detailed care information see the link below for the manufacturers recommendations.

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